The Ministry of Our Deacons

One of the roles of our Deacons is to provide spiritual care and support to our church family. A visitation team has been created by the Board of Deacons to visit the homebound and sick. Rev. Tami Seidel is working as pastoral advisor with this team. Deacons Christine Lazarus and Heidi Haring are the visit coordinators and the other team members, who help tremendously, are Chuck Radke, Mabel Seymour, Terri Froehlich and Sue Nelson–all former Deacons who still enjoy visiting, and Rev. Chip Low.

We communicate all visits and needs via one e-mail group and visits are tracked in the office and by the coordinating Deacons in order to insure that no one is forgotten. We visit members in hospitals, in Elder Care facilities and at home. We also visit those who have periodic needs, such as those just out of the hospital or in recuperation and those who just need to be checked on from time to time or who are going through especially trying circumstances and need extra encouragement.

As of now we visit:

9 people in Elder Care facilities

6 people Homebound

3 people in Temporary Care

7 people in Check-in care

We also share communion with at least 2 people each month.

Because of the visitation team, we were able to accomplish 26 visits last month!  Our goal was to visit everyone once per quarter, but thanks to everyone on the team this month we were able to see almost everyone, even with an increase in those hospitalized, in rehab or in extensive recuperation at home.

We hope you’ll share information with us if you or someone in our congregation is going to be in the hospital or in one of these circumstances. We’d love to visit them on behalf of the church. If you are also visiting people in our church, thank you. If you would like to join the Visitation Team, please speak to Christine, Heidi, Tami or Chip.

Heidi Haring for the Deacons