Special Offering for the Deacons’ Fund


Remember Offering Envelopes? In February and August there are special offering envelopes intended for the Deacons’ fund. Some people still use the box of envelopes, but many people now give electronically, and so don’t get that little reminder twice a year.

The Deacons rely exclusively on funds received from the congregation and other donors to carry out their Healing Ministries of Mercy. Please consider including the Deacons’ fund in addition to your regular giving.

The Deacons are also seeking additional funds of $1,500 for school supplies and $2,400 for diapers. Both projects support families who come to our food pantry.

You can put a check or envelope in the offering plate labeled “Deacons’ fund,” or if you give electronically using the “Give Now” link, there is a special line to direct your gift to the Deacons. Gifts are welcome through either method any time of year.

Thank you for your generosity!