June 2013

“Now is the month of Maying”, and we have been waiting so long for the weather to decide whether it is going to be winter or spring that I am afraid we are just going to jump right into summer!  That has always meant that some activities at the church slow down, but I can tell you from experience, that the Deacons rarely see that happen.  Friends still need rides to doctor appointments, families still have new babies or operations and need meals from Loaves and Fishes, funeral services are still conducted, cards are still sent for significant birthdays and occasions glad and sad, and the homebound still look forward to visits by Deacons and church friends.  The Food Pantry stays very busy throughout the summer, and we also prepare to collect, buy and distribute school materials in August.

What does this mean to you?  It means you can volunteer to cook or drive or visit and your help would be most gratefully welcomed.  In fact, one recent recipient of Loaves and Fishes meals has happily volunteered to give back and cook meals for another who needs our support.  I personally find that “paying it forward” is not only a gift to the community, but also a gift to George and me, because we get so much pleasure out of seeing the grateful smiles when dinner is delivered.  I just cook extra servings on the day when the meal is needed, divide it up, deliver it in time for dinner, and then go home to our own meal.  We may not all be at the same table, but there is still a feeling of community when sharing the same meal on the same evening.

Our Food Pantry serves residents of Beaver Ridge, an apartment complex that caters to low income seniors.  Deacon Kathy Winsted has visited and reached out to this community, with the hope that interested residents might be in offered rides to church services.  This is an example of how an outreach ministry can expand into the community.  Someone might be looking for a church family, but not have transportation to get there.

The Food Pantry item of the month is oatmeal.  We also ask you to keep your eyes open for school supply sales.  The older children need pens, pencils, notebooks and paper.  They are above the age served by the school kits we buy, but have just as great a need for basic supplies.  Anything you bring in will be divided up and distributed to grateful kids.

Many thanks to you for reading this news and caring about the work we do.  The Deacons serve as a point of contact for you, whether you are in need of solace or are volunteering to give to the community.  We are just a call or email away.

May you feel the generosity of the Lord’s love surrounding you every day.

Angelyn Forbes-Freeze for the Deacons