New in the Church Library

Our culture professes to love children, but provides very few resources to help parents explore the bigger questions in life.  My thanks to Tami for suggesting these two titles, as well as the ones highlighted in last month’s newsletter.

Circle of Grace; praying with—and for—your children, by Gregory and Suzanne Wolfe (248.8 W) is truly a gift for families interested in their spiritual well-being.  With a wealth of practical insight and wisdom rooted in faith, part one discusses family prayer, including pointers on how to get started and how to overcome various obstacles (especially kids who don’t want to pray).  Part two contains prayers from various cultures, Native American, Jewish, African and Muslim traditions, as well as Christian.

A related title with a broader perspective is Real kids, real faith; practices for nurturing children’s spiritual lives, by Karen Marie Yust (248.8 Y).  Grounded in solid theology and child development theory, the author provides parents practical ways to help their children grow in faith.  In addition, the whole family can work toward a more fulfilling spiritual life.

Carol Jensen, Church Librarian