Deacons Report – November, 2011

The card ministry sent five cards last month. This is a tangible demonstration of reaching out to celebrate a birth or a birthday and offering support in difficult times.
The Food Pantry received a grant from the Westchester Food Bank to be used for needed supplies and labor.
On November 19, the Thanksgiving Food Pantry will be helping needy families celebrate the holiday with turkey, trimmings and pies. If you are able to donate turkeys or frozen pies, we are able to store them, thanks to our newly-donated freezer. This is a welcome change from previous years, when storage was a tremendous challenge. Extra helpers are always welcome, but additional hands on the Thanksgiving and Christmas (12/17) pantries are a gift beyond measure. Please write the dates on your calendar!
Do you clip coupons? If so, why not use one or two to help buy cereal for the Food Pantry? This staple is always in short supply, and much appreciated by our clients.
The Deacons have a fun new project that serves a need as well. In December, you will see a small Christmas tree being decorated with your gifts of new hats and mittens. These cozy Christmas presents will warm the hands and heads of little (and big!) Food Pantry clients. This is just one more way to “love your neighbor as yourself.”
We look for ways to bring abundance into the lives of those around us. If you have an idea, we have ears and time to listen.

Angelyn Forbes-Freeze