Deacons – October, 2011

The summer months are over, and the Deacons are in full swing again. Of course, Chuck Radke and Mabel Seymore did not take a vacation from the ministry of visiting members who are not able to regularly attend services due to illness or infirmity. The treats, flowers and conversation are appreciated so very much, and we all help as we are able. These visits bring the message of God’s love and the warmth of our church family into hospitals, nursing homes, and residences in a very special way. Many times it spreads over to others nearby who benefit from the friendship and concern being shown to our members.

The Food Pantry is another ministry that is as busy during the summer as it is all year around. Last month the deacons gave out school supplies to the school-age children of our food pantry clients. This year we ordered the kits from Staples Kits for Kidz program. The children loved getting their own case filled with school supplies. One little girl left, clutching her case, kissing it as she smiled and waved good-bye. We gave out 80 cases and have a few leftovers. Thanks to all who helped out and to everyone in the church who donated to help support this ministry.

Did you see the recent Deacons’ Offering envelope? Just in case you missed this giving opportunity, we would like to gently remind you that your monetary gifts help support a ministry that is much less visible than the visitations or the Food Pantry. This fund allows the Deacons (through the pastor) to help those members of our church who have a specific emergency need. It can range from finding counseling services to helping pay a heating bill in the middle of winter to arranging elder-care so a caregiver can take a couple of days for themselves. Donations are welcome at any time!

May your days be blessed as we travel from summer into fall, anticipating the message so freely given to all.

Angelyn Forbes-Freeze