Deacons’ Corner October 2017

The simple love of a child. The simple trust of a child. The simple desire of a child to seek the Source of Love – God. That my friends is also the deepest desire of our hearts – to seek and know and love God. That, in fact, is our only true desire!

“What?” you may say, “Why I have many desires. I always do. I desire a new job. I desire a spouse. I desire more money. I desire better behaved kids. I desire to travel. Sometimes I know I have a desire even if I don’t know exactly what it is!”

Friends, these are not true desires. The truest desire is the longing of each heart to know the love of God, to seek the Kingdom of God, to feel that sense of truly belonging, of knowing that you are truly worthy and truly loved. All else is secondary – just wants, longings or simply things we falsely think will satisfy us.

Jesus tried to teach this to his Disciples – to us. Check out Matthew 6:33 – there it says, Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you.” What Jesus was giving us was a straightforward approach to life wherein we would seek God first – above all else – while cultivating faith and trust in our loving Creator to provide or help us to obtain the other things that we all so earnestly think we “need or want.”

I think about the times we as Deacons have done this – seek first the Kingdom of God. We may have had projects we wanted to accomplish – big projects like reworking our Food Pantry Model – getting new refrigerators, freezers and finding the Grant monies and Gifts to accomplish that. We have ministries that require support from you all – Meals on Wheels, Transportation for members to important appointments, School Supplies for kids.

We Deacons meet as a Board. We discuss what we want – what we think we need. But wait – FIRST – we pray – we ask God to be with us – we ask God to guide and direct us – we ask for God’s strength to support us in our projects. We work on our projects with a quiet sense of TRUST that God is with us and for us as we are seeking to build His Kingdom here in this place – at this time – with all of you. And we HAVE succeeded – many times – and often in ways that exceeded out imaginations and ways that went far beyond our expectations and hopes for our many ministries.

Indeed, we as Deacons have experienced it over and over again. We have sought first to help build the Kingdom of God…to seek God’s righteousness and indeed the other things we wanted were added unto us.

Fall is definitely here and there seems to be so much excitement in the air! We can’t help but think about and anticipate all of the activities, special dates and celebrations that will be coming up in these next few weeks as we wait for Winter to set in.

Yes, there is excitement in the air and many, many ways that you can join in to help and serve and be blessed. Keep your eyes open for announcements. You can find them in your bulletin, the monthly Disciple, the bulletin board in the Gathering Space and even online at You can go to the website to check out all of the church’s functions, services, Bible studies, concerts and opportunities for you to participate in and share in God’s love and Kingdom Building.

As always, we are grateful for your ongoing support for all of the Deacon Ministries. We welcome your helping hands on Pantry Days as well as your monetary support for the Food and Diaper Ministries. We encourage you to give generously in any way you can.

Check with any of our Deacons to see how you can help.

God Bless you all.
Carol Thorne-Gaetani for the Deacons