New in the Church Library for December

In Tokens of Trust (230 W) Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, uses the Apostles and Nicene Creeds as the scaffold for reintroducing us to our Christian faith. He reminds us that the word “belief” has nothing to do with mental assent to a proposition or emotional agreement with a cause. The root of the word means “to have faith in.” This means that “Christianity depends on trusting the God it talks about before it asks you to sign up for a complete system.” Williams helps us understand that in the resurrected Christ the universe is recreated and we now have something we can depend on.

Since the Christmas season is upon us, here are a few seasonal books from the church library:

  • Christmas is Not Your Birthday, by Mike Slaughter (248 S). A reminder that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, not ours! And a companion volume of daily readings, A Different Kind of Christmas; Devotions for the Season (242 S).
  • Tracks in the Straw (232.9 L). A collection of original stories centered around the birth of Christ.
  • And for children: The Fourth Wise Man (the beloved classic), One Wintry Night (an injured boy, caught in a snowstorm, takes refuge in a cabin and hears the Christmas story), Song of the Stars (All creation celebrates Jesus’ birth. Especially for young children.)

~Carol Jensen, Church Librarian