November 2011 – the Ministry of George Barford

Going thru the history folder I came across a WELCOME CARD that was used in the pew racks during Rev. George N. Barford’s ministry, from1950 – 1966. The card read:

For over one hundred and twenty years, generations of Yorktown’s families have worshipped in this sanctuary. The sincerity of their worship leaves a hallowed trace which our prayer and praise may still adorn.
Two sessions of morning worship and church school are held at nine and ten-thirty each Sunday morning making it possible for the entire family to come together. A crib nursery is available at both times.
Groups are available on Sunday afternoons and evenings for junior high and senior high young people. The Chorister Choir for fifth through ninth graders rehearses Saturday mornings.
The Women’s Association, Couples Club, Chancel Choir and Adult Study Fellowships invite participation in their activities.
The basis of church membership is the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. You may unite with us by a Letter of Transfer, Reaffirmation or Confession of Faith. The services of the Rev. George N. Barford, our pastor, are available to all who desire them.

The address on the back of the card was listed as: The First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown, R.F.D. 2, Peekskill, New York.
In 1700 the church was named Presbyterian Society of Hanover. The township of Hanover was divided into Yorktown and Somers in 1788.

Dick Hunter, Church Historian