May 2010 – Growth during the 1950’s

We will look back at the fifties which were very active and had a lot of growth in the church.

Membership in 1950 was 118 members, in 1951 it was 168 members and in 1952 it was 175. In June 1958 there were 33 new members who joined the church. The Sunday School en-rollment was high in a 1958 report stating ―when the present addition was made to the parish house, it was anticipated that not more then 160 students could be housed at one session. We reached this point sometime ago; we will have about 215 students per session with space for only 160 by 1959‖.
Estimated income in 1951 was $5,561 per year. Estimated expenses were the same amount. Present indebtedness was $1,760 and the Benevolence quota was $822 per Arthur Lee’s book.

Let’s take a look at the buildings through the years: The parish hall was built in 1950, which included a kitchen, large room (the bicentennial room) and cost around $10,000 with a lot of labor from church members. Only 5 years later, in 1955, an addition was added for $36,000. I see that the first plan, which was changed, would have included one big room with two folding partitions and a stage which could be used for a class room, followed by an office at the end of the building. Next to the kitchen was going to be men’s and ladies’ bathrooms, also a boiler and storage room. Instead they made an L shape and continued the building towards the church, ending where the library room is now. The next addition was in 1961. If you now go in the gathering room to the nursery room on right you will see a brick wall that was the original out-side wall of the end of the building. I also came upon an early drawing, showing a two story building with a canopy going to the church, but I guess cost eliminated it. 1969 the acquisition of adjacent property, 2.75 acres, and house was acquired. It was sold in the 80’s. The last addition was erected in 1997.


1950 floor of the church seemed insecure – services had to be held in parish house. The repairs cost $330.30. T. Niblo Creed, a neighbor and friend donated lumber and materials. 1951 Pastor’s salary was $2,500.

1952 began our monthly newsletter ―The Disciple‖.
1956 two church services 9:00am and 10:30am began.
1958 budget was $21,550.

Check the history board for pictures of the repairs on the steeple.

See you in September, Dick Hunter