May, 2008 – the 1940’s

In the 1940’s the WWII came about which 21 church members were put on the Honor Roll – 8 in the Navy, 9 in the Army, 3 in the Air Corps and 1 in the Coast Guard. They mention a Victory tax, but no further information on the tax was found. Maybe some of the older members of the church know about this victory tax? The church was in the Wartime Service Program of the General Assembly. The citation’s one from 1942-1943 the other 1943-1944 has the gold seal of the “Presbyterian”.

In 1947 a new Hammond Organ was installed:

February 20, 1947 Initial Payment $731.00

March 18, 1947 Final Payment $1,461.00

October 29, 1947 Organ Light $27.50

Total $2,219.50

Parish House roof collapsed Sunday, February 1, 1948. A benefit for rebuilding the Golden Rule in action was exemplified. A community social arranged by parishioners of St. Mary’s Church of Mohegan and the Granite Springs Chapel of Good Shepherd. The benefit was to raise funds for reconstruction for Shrub Oak Methodist and First Presbyterian Church which both had damage from heavy snow. Several hundred people filled to capacity the Shrub Oak High School Gymnasium. A one act play by the junior class of Yorktown High School plus the band raised $800.00.

A contract for the Rev. Donald MacVicar for 3 years, term beginning September 15, 1945 and ending approximately September 15, 1948 at the sum of $1,600 yearly in semi-monthly payments together with free use of the manse and manse property, water rates and vacation of one month each year. He was from Quebec, Canada the 15th pastor of the church. The 1948 budget was $3,278.20 with 118 members.
Dick Hunter