December 2010 – History Highlights

Some of the highlights of 272 years of the First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown, which was organized in 1738.

The church has had four names:

1. First Presbyterian Society
2. First Presbyterian Church
3. When the Yorktown post office closed, the church became the YorktownPresbyterian Church of Peekskill
4. The First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown (incorporated in 1939)

The first official minutes were recorded in a book called “the old Hog skin” — so named because of its cover.

The first meeting house and parsonage were burned by the British in June 1779.

Dissention and Division: Part of the congregation followed Reverend Silas Constant to start a new church in 1806. The separation was caused by Rev. Silas Constant, and ended in 1865.

The second church building was razed in 1839 due to poor condition and our present Sanctuary was built and dedicated in Jan. 1840.

Property for a manse was donated in 1870 and a manse was built.

Rev. William Cumming, installed in August 1876, gave a complete history of the church to date, known as the ―Historical Sermon.

These notes were taken from Arthur C. Lee‘s book about our church.

Dick Hunter, church historian