A Glimpse Into the Past

Provided by Dick Hunter, Church Historian

May 2, 1915 Bulletin

The Service of Communion

Rev. Harry Baldwin-Roberts M.A.B.D., Minister.

Order of Service:  Prelude, Doxology, Invocation, Lord’s Prayer, Responsive Reading, Hymn, Scripture Lesson, Prayer, Announcements and Offering, Prayer of Dedication, Children’s Sermon, Hymn, Communion Meditation, Reception of Members, Hymn, Service of Communion (Rev. W.J. Cumming assisting), Hymn, Benediction.

The following page of the bulletin contained the Treasurer’s Report for the fiscal year ending December 3, 1914 signed James W. Strang, Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Summary of Receipts
January 1, 1914 balance on hand $178.89
Pledges 1,246.07
Collections 57.71
Cash Contributions 52.50
Special Collection for wiring church 65.00
Special collection for anniversary 38.65
Interst from fund in Peekskill Bank 39.44
Total Receipts $1,678.26
Summary of Disbursements
Pastor’s Salary $1,200.00
Arthur Strang, premium on insurance 61.25
Dexter & Hansen, wiring church 113.35
Seymour Coal Company, coal 58.64
Duplex for anniversary 33.94
Repairs to church furnace and manse bath 30.91
Mekeel Bros. 2.30
Ezra Purdy, material & labor 5.60
Flewellin & Dunning, repair to engine 7.00
George Juengst & Sons, lighting service 5.80
Sundries 3.25
December 31 balance 144.15
Total $1,678.26

signed James Strang, Treasurer, Board of Trustees