Celebrating Stephanie Hare’s Service to our Church on April 16

Join us after the second service as we celebrate the service that Stephanie Hare has blessed us with over the last seven-plus years.

Stephanie’s letter to us:

Dear FPCY Family,

Seven and a half years ago, I had the honor to become the Director of Youth Ministries at FPCY. You probably already know that seven is a pretty important number in the Bible; in Biblical Hebrew, seven is a number that poetically signifies wholeness or completion in God’s Creation. Seven is also tremendously significant in the world of Youth Ministry. In seven years: a rising 6th grader can transform into High School graduate; a 9th grader, to a senior in college. In terms of brain development, it will take a current 12th grader about seven more years to cross the bridge from adolescence to young adulthood. And in seven years, a class of Kindergarteners become 6th graders, heralding a whole new group of amazing, inquisitive adolescents. Basically, seven years is a complete generation in the world of work with Youth.

So it seems somewhat fitting that after seven years in this role, this is the time for me to complete my time as Director of Youth – and now Intergenerational – Ministries. I will be leaving my position at the end of Lent; my last day of teaching Sunday School will be Palm Sunday. My future plans are not fully formed as of yet, but I will be taking some much needed time off in the coming weeks to continue settling my late parents’ affairs, to rest, and to discern where God is leading me next.

To all the families who have entrusted me with the care and safety of your children, whether for an hour, a week, or seven years, I am humbled and grateful. You are raising some truly remarkable young humans and it is a blessing to know them.

To all the adults with whom I have had the pleasure of working with in planning youth group meetings; who have chaperoned road trips as short as to the east side of Yorktown and as long as to the western side of Indiana; who have been my co-teachers in Confirmation and Sunday School classes; and all who have formed relationships with and prayed for our Youth, thank you. You have done more for the young people of this congregation than you will ever really know. Keep it up. It’s really important.

To the young people of our church family, you teach me something new every day, you inspire me to make the world a better place, and all y’all bring more joy into my life than I can ever put into words. I will forever hold onto the memories of the laughter, the tears, the pranks, the games, the thoughtfulness, the questions, and more slices of pizza than can ever be counted that we have shared together. These times we have spent together are truly a gift from God.

If I may leave one thing here for every one of you that I hope you will take to heart and commit to memory, to paraphrase a quote from author Glennon Doyle, I leave you this reminder:

Be brave – because you are a precious and beloved child of God. And be kind – because everyone you meet is too.

Blessings, Hugs, and Awesome Sauce, Steph