Youth Ministry Mission and Values

Our Mission

The youth ministry of FPCY invites our youth and their friends into a welcoming and vibrant community that

  • Surrounds youth with an unconditional love that fosters genuine relationships;
  • Engages youth in the joys and traditions of the Christian faith;
  • Energizes youth to extend the love of Christ to the world.

What We Value

  • Grace. God’s greatest gift to us, is the foundation of all we do and strive to be.
  • Growth. Our covenant with youth begins at baptism and grows throughout their lives; we support and encourage our youth as they grow their faith in God, their relationships with the church, and with each other.
  • Trust. We provide our youth with a nurturing and safe environment enabling them the opportunity for honest expression and inviting their questions and opinions in a non-judgmental way.
  • Joy. We live a faith that shows our love of life, our delight in God as our strength and our desire that others know this faith with us.
  • Service. We seek to discover and express our faith through service to our community. By helping others we learn more about ourselves and our relationship with God and those around us.
  • Community. We embrace our youth as vital members of a dynamic body, integrating them in the life and work of the Church as we also seek to know them as individuals.