Sunday School Is For Everyone!

Testimony - POSTA couple years ago, I was asked if I would be interested in teaching our Sunday School’s CONNECT class for children in Grades 5 and 6. I would be sharing the responsibility with two other adults so I would not have to teach every Sunday. I said yes right away for the following reasons:

  • the Sunday School needed teachers and I did have some free time to get involved;
  • one deepens one’s knowledge of the Bible when preparing lessons and teaching them;
  • my children were all grown up and I missed being with children.


The Grade 5 and 6 children were allowed to personalize their CONNECT Bibles by drawing in them and underlining passages. They were curious and eager to take turns reading passages to their classmates. They had fun creating weekly craft projects. At the end of each class, everyone looked forward to munching on snacks while viewing the weekly CONNECT DVD about a group of modern day theatre students experiencing events related to the day’s lesson in a modern day setting. There were humorous moments in these DVD’s which everyone appreciated.

By the end of the Sunday School year, the children and teachers were much more aware of what’s in our Bible and friendships were formed. In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), Christ sent the disciples out into the world to tell everyone the good news. As disciples of Christ in today’s world we are called to continue spreading the good news. Becoming a Sunday School Teacher is one way to spread the good news. I encourage you – yes you, no matter how young or old, even if your children are grown and gone – to consider becoming involved in our Sunday School when you hear that help is needed. Please contact our Church School Superintendents, Michele Mosca and Jessica Mayes for more information.

~Jocelyn Ramage

The Sunday School is so grateful for Jocelyn’s dedication to sharing the good news with our young people and sends our good wishes and prayers with Jocelyn and Dave as they move into this new chapter in their lives.