Church School Teacher Reflection

Why do I teach cooking?

Well, the children are fun! They are the coolest and cooking with them is very exciting! If you have never seen a three year old crack an egg, or a four year old whisk up some cake mix, (batter everywhere) then you do not know what you are missing! Together we learn to scoop out egg shells bits, see through clouds of flour and wipe away different types of spills, with smiles, giggles and enthusiasm all around.

In the Kitchen we bring Bible stories to life using cookies, pasta, cupcakes, pizza pies, fruit salads, and more. It’s all quite amazing. I love to teach cooking.

I registered my own three children for Sunday school when they were two years old, four years old and five years old and I’ll tell you this, at that time with them so young, I trusted no one. So I sat for an entire year in the pre-K classroom (like a spy) to “See” what they would be learning. To my surprise and delight I observed two wonderful teachers, Beth Coccodrilli and Debbie Flynn care for them, read to them, play play dough with them and make crafts with them. They were patient, loving and kind to all the children in class, and helped them to share and socialize. My oldest who was in the kindergarten rotation, across the hall, (media, art, moved by the spirit, bible skills or cooking) was also receiving God’s love, nurture, and support from dedicated staff. Do you know how I knew that? I sat in those classrooms too.

Beth asked me if I would shepherd the following year which I did, that was easier said than done! I found out, children like to run all over the place. Then the year after that she asked if I would co-teach PreK with Debbie which I did, we became great friends and really enjoyed working with each other.

Now, here I am today teaching cooking. I am not a teacher by profession, I’ve avoided children (pediatrics) as we say in occupational therapy, throughout my career. I’m neither well versed in bible stories nor comfortable sharing the word of God with anyone, let alone a precious child. However, I discovered I had in me a passion for children that I didn’t realize existed. I began to consider them all an extension of my own family. Regardless of how insecure I felt, I took the challenge! I felt responsible to try and teach, care for, be patient with, and treasure each and every child with the words and stories of God, just as those wonderful teachers had done for my own children. I gave it a go! as we say in England and have not looked back since.

Children to me are God’s gifts to all of us, each child important, valued, and especially the little ones, completely adorable!

I come to church on Sundays with ingredients and curriculum in hand (curriculum is very easy to follow by the way, in case you are interested) and a willing heart to try my best. We have a cooking team, myself, Barbara Wanamaker, TJ Chin, and our shepherd helpers. Each week is an adventure. I commit it all to the Lord in prayer with hope that what I’m doing will help, in some small way, lay a lifelong faith foundation in the precious little hearts of our church families children.

~Liza Placido

Interested in joining the ranks of our fabulous Sunday School staff?

Not all tasks require a weekly commitment, and many are shared amongst two or three. In addition to teachers (who teach in teams that switch off when possible), we can always use snack helpers; shepherds, who help out in the classroom (and quite literally “herd” the children from Gathering Time to class, then to their parents); and substitutes, to serve as a back-up when someone is ill or away.

Let us know if you’d like to know more! Come find Bridget Bentley and Kristy Berlin (the co-superintendents for 2019-2020), or email us at