Sunday School News!

Hello from Sunday School! Winter has been wonderful but we’re looking forward to warmer spring weather and the joys of Easter. We invite you to read some highlights from each class:

Shine: The Shine class has moved into the New Testament. We have been hearing some stories from Jesus’ birth, calling disciples, and teaching. We are excited about sharing food for the pantry.

Connect: Connect spent the last month learning about the end of Jesus’ time on earth. We started with Palm Sunday and then spent time on the Last Supper, Jesus’ betrayal, and Jesus’ death, and thankfully closed the month with the Resurrection. It was nice to end on a positive note.

Faith X: We have been studying how Christianity spread throughout the world – Ireland, France, Germany, and Britain. In this study, we met people who were very influential in this mission including Emperor Justinian, Empress Theodora, and John of Damascus. We will continue learning about the Crusades and the unique architecture of various cathedrals.

Fathom: The Fathom high school class is enjoying lively discussions about Christian conceptions of heaven and hell. We’ve learned about evolving ideas on life after death over the centuries (and their Biblical basis), and have gotten creative in visualizing our own personal ideas through art.

Our Sunday School coordinators Miranda and Pam can be found in Fellowship Hall every week while Sunday School is in progress. Please stop by to say hello or if you have any questions – or want to help! We look forward to seeing you!

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