Church School Chalkboard April 2016

Happy Spring to our children, families and Church school staff! Here is what has been happening in Church School…

Holy Week ended on Easter Sunday, Jesus has Risen!!

In our Spark program (Pre­K through 4th Grade) the children have completed “The Last Supper” unit from John 13:1­20 and learned two songs: “Taste and See” and “Into my Heart”. Moving into April we begin a new unit “The Sower” from Matthew 13:1­9, 18­23. Through the parable of the sower, Jesus taught about listening to and following his teaching. A person with strong faith hears God’s word, understands it and helps others to understand it. Our faith is like the seed planted in good soil that takes root and grows. With God’s help, we can learn and grow too! The sower plants by scattering seeds in a field. Jesus acted as a sower by scattering his teachings in the world.

The CONNECT class will learn from Paul’s letter to the Romans, that the cross is the central icon of Christianity. By dying on the cross, Jesus transformed this icon from a symbol of tyranny and death into a symbol of hope, love and forgiveness.  In Acts, they will hear about the wind and flames of Pentecost which rested on the disciples’ heads demonstrating the Spirit’s presence and the beginning of the church. And then back to Romans with the loaf of bread icon symbolizing the body of Christ who is the bread of life.

The 7th and 8th grade have completed their Lenten study and will be beginning their New Testament study in April.

Family Conversations could include:

  • ­ What would you like to plant?
  • ­ Which plant reminds you most of God?
  • ­ What is needed for faith to grow?

For families to do together:

  • ­ Plant something together from a pot to a garden
  • ­ Water the family plants
  • ­ Research the needs of a new plant that your family can pot or garden

Have a wonderful “Spring-­filled” joyful month!!


~Liza Placido and Michele Mosca, Church School Co­Superintendents