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“You give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you the Word”

Ok, sometimes it might be 23 minutes and other times it might be 18 minutes, but generally about 20 minutes.

Ever miss a service but wanted to listen to the sermon because it was part of a series?

Ever hear the sermon and miss a point and wish you could hear it again?

Well, if either of these is true for you there is an easy way for you to get the sermon delivered to you.

Each week the service is recorded and edited down to just the scripture readings and sermon. We then post that edited video recording on the FPCY website for you to listen to at your leisure. Or, if you prefer, you can get the audio of the sermon delivered automatically to your smart phone, tablet or other device by way of a podcast so that you can listen to some or all of it when you want, as often as you want.

“What is a podcast?,” you ask. Simply put it is one in a series of recordings that you can download manually or become a subscriber to make it easier. If you want to subscribe to the FPCY podcast follow these easy steps:

If you have an Apple ID*, and know where to find the iTunes store on your device, log into the store and type “yorktown presbyterian” in the search space in the upper right of the page; then press the Enter button. You should see a list of past recordings and then a larger picture of the church below that list. Click on the picture to get a full list of available recordings. On this page you can click the subscribe button to get future podcasts or choose to download one (or many) past podcasts individually.

subscribeIf you click the Subscribe button you will see this message:

Click Subscribe and then you’re done. Then each week the sermon will automatically be downloaded to your device. After you’re done listening to the podcast you can delete it from your podcast library or keep it as long as you want, at no charge, as our gift to you. See you Sunday…

(*Note: If you don’t have an Apple ID you will need to get one at the Apple website.)