What’s New with Operations – June, 2012

We experienced excellent success with both our Spring Clean-up and our Home Front Project on May 5. Overall, we had more than 110 people participate. This effort was followed the next Saturday, May 12 with over 30 Boy Scouts & leaders helping with the weeding & mulching of the island in the North Parking Lots and the berm. Thanks to everyone for a really outstanding effort!

New windows have now been installed in the doors of Rooms 16 and 17 with the excellent help of Fran Proceller. These windows eliminate a safety concern and makes it more convenient to know whether the room is occupied before entering.

Jose has completed painting of the entrance hallway to the office. The color scheme is the same as in the office which helps to tie-together our entrance and office. Jose has also completed painting of the ramp door to the Sanctuary as it had begun to look rather nicked and chipped. Overall, Jose has been doing an excellent job on all of our on-going rehab jobs throughout the facilities. Thanks, Jose!

The Home Front project is very near completion. I want to thank Matt Hager, Bud Coccodrilli, Skip Mahncke, Ian Spence and Bill Friscia for helping me with several steps to complete this project. I have a couple more to go, but can see the end shortly. I believe the owners are very pleased with the outcome of our project.

We are pleased that many volunteers have signed-up as “owners”, or Stewards, of our various gardens. We have plaques being made which will acknowledge the Stewards of each of our gardens. These volunteers have accepted the responsibility to maintain their gardens throughout the year. Advice will be given by myself and Craig Hibben on changes any of the Stewards recommend. I know the gardens are in good hands in Craig’s absence.

If anything looks amiss, please let me know. If an improvement is indicated, please discuss that with me as well.

Dick Seymour, Chair of Operations