What’s New with Operations? – June 17, 2011

  1. Our huge project of scraping, sanding, caulking and painting the outside of the Sanctuary has been completed. Tom Clemmens of Clemco Construction & Restoration has done an absolutely superb job on this project. Every seam has been sealed and two coats of paint carefully applied. Two problems with gutter overflows have been corrected. The shutters were sanded, primed and painted. The hardware on the shutters and railings in front of the Sanctuary have been painted.
  2. A second project which entailed removing the roof shingles on the Intermediate Roof of the Steeple and replacing the ice guards along with the application of a special urethane rubber coating has likewise been completed. Again, Clemco has done a top-notch job on this project and it will enable the structure to remain sound & dry.
  3. Some months back, we installed a secondary containment system inside the Steeple so as to protect the organ pipes should a leak develop. With these two efforts of roof replacement and the installation of a secondary containment system, we will be able to look forward to many years of a sound structure along with the exterior beauty of the Steeple itself.

As always, if you become aware of an issue that needs our attention, please contact me and let me know. Thanks! Dick Seymour, Facilities Coordinator for the Operations Commission