What’s New with Operations – May, 2011

What’s New with Operations? (4/24/11)

  1. Considerable progress has been made on our refurb of the front wall of the Sanctuary. All of the cracks have been opened, primed,  spackled with compound, fibrataped, spackled more, sanded and then finished with a light coat of spackling compound. The entire wall has been first coated with the final color; including, the dark gray molding at the ceiling and all of the wall surfaces. Much of the white surface has been scraped and caulked. We will soon be starting the first coat of white paint on all surfaces which are now white. We hope to do the second and final coats of paint on the upper molding and wall during the week of April 18th. I am hopeful that the entire front of the Sanctuary will be completed in early May.
  2. The folding doors on the Banner Closet have been refurb’ed . A new track was required for one set of folding doors due to breakage of an internal part.
  3. A new door handle with lock has been installed on the closet door in Room #12. We had some destruction of Mommy & Me materials and; therefore, have had to resort to a locked closet.
  4. Two of the old Food Pantry cabinets have been refurb’ed and relocated to Rm #2. These will handle overflow and longer term storage for the Food Pantry.
  5. Two new Food Pantry cabinets have been installed in Rm #16 and have been reinforced in their bottoms so as to provide longer life. Also, these new cabinets have been bolted together to make them much more stable. We expect the third new cabinet to arrive shortly.
  6. Craig Hibben has made great progress on revamping the median strip in the North Parking Lots. He has also cut back the wild rose bushes along the rail fence—a really tough job which was done expertly! Thanks, Craig!
  7. All of the materials necessary to conduct our annual Spring Clean-up have been purchased and are ready for either April 16 or 30. We have many jobs to do and will really appreciate all the help we can get for the Spring Clean-up day!
  8. The new “cable cabinet” has been fabricated along side of the Audio Cabinet in the rear of the Sanctuary. I have only the doors to complete and that addition will be finished.

Many thanks to the following people for helping at crucial times: Bud Coccodrilli, Matt Hager, George Forbes Freeze, Ian Spence, Ed de Jong, Deanna Collins for rounding up volunteers when needed, John Collins, Tim Chin, Bill Talbot, Claire Damon and Mable Seymour. A really BIG THANK YOU to Jose Sandoval for his expertise on spackling and painting. Our progress on the front wall of the Sanctuary could not have been achieved without Jose’s dedication and expertise.



Please let me know of any issues that need to be addressed. Thanks! Dick Seymour for Operations Commission.