What’s New with Operations 8/18/11

Many projects have been completed since the last Operations’ Disciple Report. These are:

  1. Painting of the outside of the Sanctuary.
  2. Painting of the Memorial Garden including two peaks.
  3. Tarring of many roof joints including the soil vent pipes.
  4. The North end of the gravel parking lots have been cleaned up and debris removed
  5. The swale on the West side of the gravel parking lots have been “brushed out” and weed-wacked.
  6. New carpeting installed on the Chancel and in the Narthex of the Sanctuary.
  7. All carpet seams which were pulled and showing threads have been repaired in the Sanctuary.
  8. The Hallway door to the Memorial Garden has been repaired forestalling replacement.
  9. The Sump Pump insulated box has been painted.
  10. The parking lots were restriped.
  11. The bathrooms have been painted, the floors thoroughly cleaned and sealed.
  12. A new intermediate roof has been installed on the Steeple.
  13. Spraying for “powder-post” beetles has been completed.
  14. Two pre-school classrooms have been painted & refurbed.
  15. Most floors have been waxed. The remainder will be finished by the end of August.
  16. Much routine maintenance has been done throughout our facilities.

Should you become aware of maintenance items that need to be addressed, please bring them to my attention. Thanks! Dick Seymour, Facilities Coordinator for Operations Commission.