The Latest from Operations 11/22/11

First, happy Thanksgiving to All!

A lot has been happening since our last Operations Post. The following is new:

1. Congratulations & thanks to Kyle Monk for the refurbishment of our shed as an Eagle Scout project!

2. Jose has continued preparation and painting of the ramp hallway and gathering space.

3. The cracked walkway in front of the Sanctuary has been replaced with attractive new blue-stone walkway. A very big thanks to Bud Coccodrilli for helping me with this big project!

4. New dimensionally scaled crosses have been added to the front Sanctuary wall above the hymnal number racks. A big thanks to Michael Stewart for making the crosses and to everyone for allowing me to do the hanging as that front wall is200 years old.

5. Our recent snow storm created a mess with both our main campus and the East Yard Cemetery. With the help of many volunteers, we have finally cleared all of the brush and taken it to the Yorktown Recycling Center. All in all, we have taken 22 trailer loads of brush to the Yorktown Center. The volunteers are: Devon Bahr, Brandon Bahr, Matt Hager, EdDeJong, Tom Travis, Jack Shaughnessy, Michael Stewart, Barbara Santagata, Adam Santagata, Tom De Vaul, Don Blaney, Ian Spence & myself. Deanna Collins once again did the recruiting.

Special Appeal to Congregation & User Groups:

In order to help control our Custodial expenses, we are making a special appeal for the following:

1. If you bring it in, please take it out following an event. Recently, we had cider explode and it was a mess to clean up.

2. As we enter the Holiday Season with much decorating and “un-decorating” to do, we are asking each committee to be sure that the area in which they are working is restored to the way it was prior to their activity. This will greatly help us.

3. We are asking everyone who deploys the large round tables in Fellowship Hall to ask for help if they don’t know how to stand the tables without breaking the legs. We have four tables out of commission now due to broken legs. They cost$90 per set to replace.

4. If major furniture is moved for an event, we are kindly asking that the committee in charge return it to its usual place following the event. The pianos are a case in point. They are too heavy for Jose to move alone. When bringing the piano from the Room 17 to Fellowship Hall, special care is needed through the doors and at the top of ramp so as to not scape the tile floor covering.

We thank everyone in advance for their help in these special situations! Dick Seymour for the Operations Commission