Refurbishment of Church Office Completed

A great deal of progress was made over the last two months in the total refurbishment of the Church Office. All of the very old furniture was removed, new carpeting put down and new cubicles were added for the Administrative Assistant’s office, a spare office and a copying center. Much rewiring was done to provide a more balanced electrical load on our overall system and one that is sufficient to meet future needs. The office walls were repaired and painted. All of our electronic equipment along with the telephone system have been relocated to a nearby closet so that they are out of sight and yet with convenient access. New vertical blinds have been added which provides lots of light without the window areas being totally open to outside view. Closets have been cleaned, files consolidated and supplies now have their place in the closets so they are out of sight. A very big thanks to Jose for his expert wall patching and painting. Also, a very big thank you to Kim for her diligent work in reworking the storage areas and files and helping with the office design. Lastly, a big thank you to Chip Low, our minister, for his significant help with the office design and selection of furniture.

Dick Seymour, Facilities Coordinator for the Operations Commission