Progress in Operations Projects 12/3/11

Hi, everyone. Just a brief update on our various projects :

1. Jose has finished the prep work & painting of the walls in the ramp hallway. The ceiling has undergone  many iterations of prep work and we anticipate completing the painting of the ceiling this week.

2. Since my last post, the front sidewalk leading from the Sanctuary to Rt. 2o2 has been completely rehab’ed. A very big thanks to Bud Coccodrilli for his help to me  in completing this project.

3. We have made significant progress in rehab’ing the Church Office in this time of transition between Barbara and Kim. All electronics have been moved into the closet nearest the inner wall. Shelves have been added to properly hold each piece of equipment. Additional shelves have been added in this closet for storage of copier paper. This is in anticipation of moving the copying equipment to a new location within the office. Our plan includes new carpeting to be installed in early January to be followed by new integrated office furniture. The office will take on an entirely new look & feel when this project is completed.

4. All brush created by our early snow storm a few weeks back has been taken to Yorktown Recycling. A total of 24 trailer loads have been picked-up and taken to Recycling.

Dick Seymour for the Operations Commission