Operations Update

We completed our last Work Party for the year today. A very big Thank You is passed along to Skip Mahnke, David Cruikshank, Don Blaney, Ed de Jong and Bill Friscia for helping me with the final winterization of the main campus of our Church. We trimmed back the rest of the grasses, took the refuse to Yorktown Recycling and spread one load of much along the center island of the North Parking lot. Our very good news on Friday evening was that our Landscaper, Mike Androsko, of Androsko Landscaping had completely cleaned up the storm debris in the East Yard Cemetery. This very welcome work made our task much easier this morning and eliminated the need for another work party on December 8th.

Another big Thank You is passed along to Jose Sandavol who worked with me on Monday & Tuesday to strengthen the underpinnings of the Chancel in anticipation of tomorrow’s Concert.

We also have installed new “risers” on either side of the Chancel for this Sunday’s Concert. These risers will allow the choir to spread out more and allow all members to see Director, Simona Frenkel. These risers are a big addition to the Church and will be used for concerts for many years to come. I also made additional risers for the “main stage” (i.e. Chancel) so that the back row of choir members can be seen and can see their director. All of these additions will enhance the enjoyment of the spectacular concerts that Simona and our great choir perform.

Another addition to our great facilities is in the making. We have established a design which will significantly enhance the “kitchenette nook” which is part of the Library/Lounge. The existing kitchenette nook is of a very old style which dates back to the 1950’s and is only partially functional. The old style cabinets, stove top and sink will be removed and replaced with oak faced cabinets with substantial counter space. Several other accoutrement are being considered to further enhance this space and bring it up-to-date. This work will commence this month. The new cabinets are already on site. We will do this work in-house to minimize costs.

We recently had one of our heating circulators spring a leak and this necessitated a repair by our plumbers. Our new fuel oil contract is in place with Burke Heat and the price is slightly less than last year. Routing maintenance continues throughout our facilities. In a word, things are in good shape. Overall, I am very happy with all that we have achieved this year and look forward to continuing our progress in the coming year.

We wish all members and friends of our Church Best Wishes for a Joyous, Prayerful and Happy Holiday Season! Dick Seymour, Chair of Operations Commission & Facilities Coordinator.