Operations Report January 2014

Progress continued during the past month on improvements and maintenance of our facilities. Key accomplishments were:

The north wall of the Narthex has been finished following removal of a cabinet.

New carpeting has been installed in the Youth Room.

We installed wiring and speakers in the kitchen and nursery. We also added a switch in the Nursery just above the new speaker unit which, when turned on, alerts ushers in the Sanctuary that assistance is needed in the Nursery.

We had planned on grading the North Parking Lots, but weather and other business by the contractor prevented our completing this task. If we receive some more warmer weather, we will still try to finish this task in January.

All grasses have been cut down and the refuse taken to Yorktown Recycling.

The underground water line from the East walkway faucet to the Outdoor Worship Area has been blown out to protect against freezing & bursting.

Good progress has been made in the prep. work & painting of Rooms 2 & 3.

Two major items of maintenance at the Manse have been completed. These included installation of exhaust fans in each of two bathrooms and repair of a leak in the shower in the master bathroom, as well as installation of a new shower basin, enclosure and tile.

New floor tile has been installed in the entrance hallways of the preschool. A new pattern of red and white tiles have been installed along with a hopscotch pattern to make this area much more “kid friendly”.

Operations’ has approved a proposal for the replacement of vinyl tile in Fellowship Hall, The Gathering Space and in the cross hallway. This work will commence in March and will eliminate the many tiles which are now coming loose, breaking and presenting trip hazards. When this work is done, a new five ply subfloor will be put down to strengthen the floor, provide a better base for the new tiles, and enhance the life of the new tile flooring.

A pedestal sink which was donated by Tami & Chip Low (as a result of the remediation of the master bathroom in the Manse) to the Church has been installed in the bathroom near the office. This eliminates a hazardous situation resulting from people leaning on the old sink and nearly pulling it off the wall.

Should anyone spot something that isn’t quite right, please bring it to my attention or speak with any member of the Operations Commission. We will endeavor to correct the problem immediately. We have an excellent facility, but continued maintenance is required. Your help in letting us know of developing problems is greatly appreciated!

Also, thanks to all for helping us to keep things in good shape and for volunteering when we call for assistance. Everyone’s effort is very much appreciated!

Dick Seymour, Chair of Operations/Facilities Coordinator