Operations – February, 2012

  1. Our refurbishment of the Church office has been completed. All of the old furniture has been removed along with the very old carpet and drapes. The walls have been completely redone with much patching, new paint and an accent color on the trim around the doors. New carpet has been installed and a completely new office layout has been achieved through new integrated cubicles and furniture. The copy center has been moved to an area near the entrance door and closets and is partially enclosed in a cubicle. New vertical blinds have been installed so that lots of light can be allowed into the office without a totally clear view from the outside. Very big thank you to Kim Wertz and Jose Sandoval for their help to me in making this huge transition happen. Also, a big thank you to Pastor Chip Low for his help with the design of the new office and his vigorous support. We also are very thankful for several financial contributions which allowed us to complete this project without any impact on our operating budget.
  2. With the completion of the office project, we have returned to our continuing maintenance work within the Gathering Space and ramp hallway. The work on the ramp hallway has been completed . Jose has made good progress on patching and painting in the Gathering Space. This work will continue for several weeks.
  3. We recently completed work on installing cabling on the large birch tree in front of the Sanctuary to reduce the possibility of one of the large trunks breaking off. This remedial work helps to make our property safer.
  4. The work on the sidewalk in front of the Sanctuary has been completed. We now have an attractive blue stone walkway. A very big thank you to Bud Coccodrilli for his help to me in completing this much needed project.
  5. We are continuing to deploy traffic cones across the driveway near the shed. The reason for this is to prevent drivers from trying to “beat the traffic” on Rt.’s 132 & 202 by “cutting through” Church property—sometimes going the wrong way on our one-way traffic pattern by the preschool. We apologize for inconvenience caused by this action, but view this to be a serious issue. We are installing signs indicating “No Through Traffic”. We will continue to vigorously monitor this problem.

Should you become aware of maintenance items that need to be addressed or improvements for us to consider, please bring them to my attention. If you have made an improvement recommendation, please be assured that it will not be forgotten. We have a lot of work on our plan list and are evaluating ideas continuously. Thanks for your input and ideas!

Dick Seymour, Facilities Coordinator for Operations Commission.