News from Operations

A very big Thank You is offered to the 15 stalwarts who participated in our Fall Work Party on October 20th. It was gratifying and a real pleasure to have Craig Hibben accompany me for a walk around the main campus to plan the work for our Fall Work Party. Craig’s advice was very helpful. Thanks, Craig!

We accomplished much and our main campus looks great and is pretty much prepared for the Winter season. We do have another smaller work party scheduled for December 8th to cut down the grasses and take the refuse to Yorktown Recycling.

Those participating in the October 20th work party were:

Peter Marsh           John Chessa                 Sue Nelson

Judy Chessa          Carol Annacone           Mable Seymour

Dick Seymour       Squeegee Mills             Marsha Henderson

Dave Ramage        Ed de Jong                     Bill Friscia

Julie Friscia

Preschool Fence: Operations and the Preschool shared the cost for replacing the portion of fencing from the preschool entrance to the Butterfly Garden. The existing posts were saved, but a new bottom rail was added to strengthen the overall fence.

Routine Maintenance: Many items of routine maintenance have been done since the last online report from Operations. These include: a new exit light in room #17, a new ballast in one of the driveway bollard-lights, adjustments to many door stops, replacement bulbs for burned-out lights, new window shades in rooms # 1 & 16, thorough cleaning of the grease interceptor in the kitchen, regular testing of the gas stoves in the kitchen including verifying correct oven temperatures, and much touch-up painting throughout our facilities.

Fuel Oil: A new fuel oil contract has been put in place with Burke Heating for the 2012-2013 fuel season.

Maintenance Reserve Analysis: Another update has been completed to our Maintenance Reserve Analyses. This work helps us to understand future needs and costs associated with the maintenance and operation of our facilities.

Budgets: Work continues on the Operations’ and Church budgets.

Custodial Work: We also offer a big Thank You to John Harrigan for substituting for Jose while he was on vacation to his home country. John did an excellent job and we very much appreciate his assistance. Jose has returned and we are very happy that he is back with us!

We continue to strive to keep our facilities in top-notch shape. This takes a great deal of effort behind the scenes and we are indebted to all of those who help and those who bring problems to our attention. Our facilities are used by huge numbers of people each week as openness to the community is part of the Mission Work of our Church. Please let me know if anything looks amiss. We will try to correct problems immediately. Thanks! Dick Seymour, Chair of Operations & Facilities Coordinator