Change in Traffic Flow at Church

Hi, everyone. This advisory is to explain why we have traffic cones across the driveway at the rear of our Church facilities. We have had an increasing number of incidents where drivers try to avoid backups in traffic at the Rt.’s 132/202 light. Instead of waiting for traffic to clear, certain drivers are “cutting through” our driveways on the North & West sides of our facilities; even, going the wrong way on the one-way traffic pattern along the preschool. I have met with the Yorktown Police Dept to seek advice and let them know of this dangerous driving. While the Police Dept cannot enforce our traffic patterns, they were sympathetic and will keep an eye peeled our way whenever they can. They are aware of the general times of days when this is happening. We are trying to get license plate numbers, but have been unsuccessful so far. The Police advised us not to confront someone engaged in this dangerous driving, but to just call them with a license number if we can get it.

This action will result in a slight inconvenience to our Church Members and Users, but it is just a slight detour through the North Parking Lots to get around the “coned-off” area. We are hopeful that this problem will remedy itself quickly. However, I consider it very dangerous with the speed I have personally seen a particular car moving from Rt. 132 through our driveways to exit on Rt. 202 (traversing the wrong way along the preschool on the West side).

I will take down the cones as soon as we think we have a clear sign that this dangerous driving has ended. Thanks to everyone for their understanding. Dick Seymour, Facilities Coordinator for the Operations Commission.