Reflection on Covenant Bible Study – Karen Gerth


To tell the truth, I started out better than I finished.

Covenant Bible Study seems to be a thorough, methodical review of selected Bible texts broken into 3 study guides.  1. Creating the Covenant, 2.  Living the Covenant, 3. Trusting the Covenant.

I have always enjoyed small group gatherings at church.  I really appreciate being with friends that want to know God better.  (That isn’t a conversation that I have at work).

When I had the self-discipline to the daily readings, “my take” on a reading could be very different from my classmates … but Tami created a safe environment to question, explore and even laugh about what we read.  It was okay to read tough scripture and be stuck on “what”? or “why”?

Some of the episodes I enjoyed the most were entitled:

  • New Instructions for a New Kingdom
  • Grateful Love Serves
  • Love Never Fails
  • Renewing the Covenant
  • What is Good for My Life?
  • Seek Good
  • Hospitality is Christian Love in Action
  • Living with Crisis
  • Don’t Abandon Each Other

I fully admit I only selected the “warm, fuzzy” titles.  I did not include titles that included Lament, Tragedy or Civil Disobedience (there were plenty of those)!

I did get frustrated for a while with Old Testament readings.  I became resistant and would skip some.  Those Old Testament people worshipping other gods and turning their backs on a God who loved them and wanted to be in relationship with them.  At one point I decided I must be a New-Testament-only Christian … Just tell me what Jesus had to say – but as I sat with that thought for a week or so … I have come to believe that I’m not a fan of the Old Testament stories and those stiff necked, hard-hearted people doing whatever they wanted/worshipping other idols … because I may be more like them, than I realized or am comfortable with.

I struggled with keeping a daily reading practice … but that said … I practiced.  I read the Bible every week, if not every day … and for me that was a good step in my personal faith journey.

I’ll close by highlighting how I grew in affection for my classmates.  We spent months together exploring the Bible, in discussion, watching a weekly video and considering something new that you might have missed.  This was very cool.  It was another way to be in community.

I feel like we have just scratched the surface of all that God might have to say to us.  However, His Word is right here for us and I plan to continue to build a daily reading practice, with renewed discipline and willingness to be in relationship with the God who loves us.