Deacons’ Corner February 2016

Deacons POST 2

Remember when you were a kid and got into deep conversations with your friends about big topics like sin and how to get into Heaven? It could really get to be a scary discussion trying to figure out what kinds of sins were only just bad and what kinds were really bad! One of my friends told me that her Mom said that she was told that when you die God takes account of all the good things you did and all the bad things you did and puts them on a scale. If the “good” outweighed the “bad” then you were safe and could figure that you would get into Heaven. Phew! But then again, how could you ever be sure that you had done enough “good” things?!

In Confirmation class years later we came to learn that it is by God’s tremendous GRACE that we are actually saved. That we do not have to earn eternal life. That God’s GRACE is so large – so complete – so all encompassing – so loving – that it is incomprehensible. And yet we are saved. And so thus began a period of relative anxiety free living for me.

But wait a minute! What about doing good? Can we forget about that now? Is there any need to think about helping hungry people, sick people, needy people, or working to end slavery and the human­ trafficking that still goes on today, working for social justice in our country and abroad, taking care of the earth and all of its living creatures – animals as well as plant life? Can we forget about all that? Absolutely not!!

But isn’t it all really overwhelming? Can “little ole me” really make a difference?? ABSOLUTELY! As insignificant as you might feel that your actions, your kind words, your helping hands, your thoughtfulness, and your resources shared might be… they are, in fact, tremendously powerful when borne on the intention to thank God for his great love and grace – borne on the intention to show your love for God and for your brothers and sisters and all of “life” in all its myriad forms. Your individual actions create a tremendous amount of good!

It matters not how small or insignificant an action is that is taken with care, with love and with a deliberate frame of mind to respond to God’s overwhelming GRACE. That action will have great significance in the field of God’s Unified Awareness. Modern physicists have begun to describe this great unified field. It is all pervasive, all encompassing, and everywhere present, without borders, always was and always will be. And even more interesting – physicists postulate that something that happens in one place in this UNIFIED field can have a ripple effect miles and miles – even galaxies away!!

I don’t understand it. It’s too much for my brain. But it is an amazing thought! Physicists have joked that something as small as a butterfly’s wings flapping on one side of the earth can affect the breeze on the other side of the globe. If this were true – and just for argument’s sake we say it is…how much more then could our own good deeds – no matter how seemingly small or unworthy – but done consistently and lovingly – done in response to Jesus’ command to love God and to love one another with all our hearts and minds and strength… how much more good could our own deeds accomplish?? – If a single butterfly could have such effect, how much more could the sum of all good deeds do??

Ok, so we don’t need good works to get to Heaven. But I’d like to believe that together we can make a huge difference in this world. The Deacons see this all the time in all of the Ministries of our church. You, too, can share in these Ministries. We welcome you and invite you to become a part of them. Do you have time to drive someone to a doctor’s appointment or a chemo treatment? Do you have a Friday afternoon free to help unload the 5,000 pounds of food coming into the building for the next day’s Pantry? Could you and your child come on a Saturday morning and assist with the many jobs necessary to run the Pantry? Do you like to cook? Could you make a meal for someone recently released from the hospital? Could you bring in a food item or diapers and place them in the basket in the gathering space? Could you write a greeting card or pick up the phone to call someone you haven’t seen around lately? Could you call any Deacon and see what help may be needed right then?

Please keep an eye out for the FORM that the Deacons will be distributing throughout February asking for your help. God’s world needs you in any ways you are able to give ­ and give JOYFULLY! Each of us CAN make a difference. Together – united – we could start to change the world.

Thank you, as always, for your generous giving to our Deacons’ Fund and God Bless you all.

~Carol Thorne-­Gaetani for the Deacons