Deacons’ Corner April 2017

We’re Here to Serve words & music by Sarah Moore (song from Vacation Bible School)

How many needs are in this world?
Find a Place where you can serve.
Seems too much for any boy or girl
Start with one and when you’re done,
Start all over again.

(Refrain) How many needs are in this world?
Lend a hand to heal a hurt.
Make a difference in your world.
We all are here to serve.

How simple the message of the Gospel really is when put into words children can understand. But how do we know we are here to serve? Answer: Because Jesus our Lord and Master has shown us how to serve and told us to do so.

The Gospel of John tells of the time during the Last Supper that Jesus took off his robes, tied a towel around himself and began to wash his disciples feet. Peter was adamant. “No, Master you will not wash my feet!”. Jesus continued what he was doing and answered Peter saying, that unless he allowed Jesus to wash his feet, Peter would not be able to partner and work with him in building the Kingdom.

But how quickly Peter changed the way he saw what Jesus was doing and exclaimed, “Then wash my hands and head as well….not just my feet!” When Jesus was finished he told his Apostles, ”…. I am your Lord and Master. I have given you all an example to follow. Do as I have done to you….that is the pathway of blessing.” For the complete account of this story see John chapter 13.

What a humble act out Savior performed! What an incredible glimpse our Gospels are into Jesus’ true character and the character Jesus wants all of us to adopt. As Christians we are to follow Jesus’ example of ministering to and serving one another.

BUT, how many times have you wondered just how you could serve? How you could help? There are as many ways as there are people, really!

We all have such varied and wonderful talents and abilities. All we need to do is ask ourselves, “What can I do to help build God’s Kingdom, what can I do to serve?

When you decide to see that we are all needed, all required to do our part in God’s Kingdom, when you realize that the only thing that really matters is our relationship with God, each other and the rest of God’s creation and when you ask prayerfully what you can do…. the answer will come.

What can YOU do? Ask for a sign. You’ll get it! It may be in the form of a phone call from a friend or neighbor in need. It may be an appeal you see in the Sunday bulletin. It may come during a commercial break on TV. You might get a picture of what you can do in a dream of from reading an article in the newspaper.

Here at the Fist Presbyterian Church of Yorktown there are almost unlimited ways in which you can get involved and participate. Are you handy? Can you help build a wall, set up some shelves, carry and stack groceries. On the lighter side, can you transport someone to a doctor’s appointment or a church activity? Can you pick up the phone and ask someone you haven’t seen in a while how they are doing? It doesn’t matter how we start…. just that we each start to commit ourselves over an over to trusting in God’s love for us and each of His creations. When we realize the awesomeness of this we can’t help but want to get involved and be part of the building of the Kingdom.

Saint Francis of Assisi said it so well at the end of his famous prayer – “As much as we give – that much we are given…..I die to myself…at last I am living!”

There are many people who presently work alongside our Deacons on an ongoing basis in various of their ministries – such as “Visitation,” “Transportation,” “School Supplies” and the “Food Pantry.” We are grateful to all who contribute their loving service with us. We are grateful as well to those who support our ministries financially by making their donations to the Deacon’s Fund and donating food items to our pantry basket in the Gathering Space. Won’t you think about joining us as well? God Bless you all!

Carol Thorne-Gaetani for the Deacons