Summer Reading – New in the Church Library – July 2015

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Parenting can be overwhelming! Although there are many parenting books, when it comes to speaking with children about Christian faith and sexuality the choices are slim.  In Sex + Faith; talking with your child from birth to adolescence (248.8 O) Kate Ott, Professor of Christian Social Education, helps parents share values in a healthy way as well as respond with confidence to the queries of children and teens. This book could be a resource for parenting groups; it includes chapters for each age group, quizzes for parents, and lists of additional resources.

When my children were young and watching “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” I assumed that Fred Rogers was just a gentle person who helped children feel OK about themselves. Michael G. Long’s, book Peaceful Neighbor; discovering the countercultural Mister Rogers (261.8 L), reveals that Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister, deeply committed to peace and wholeness in the world. The author places Fred Rogers in the context of his time (Vietnam War, race riots, Cold War, Gulf War, etc), demonstrating that through his TV series he shared his values of radical nonviolence and unconditional care for one another, animals, and the earth.

-Carol Jensen, Church Librarian