New in the Church Library April 2017

Forget the blizzard of March, think spring!

Two new books in the church library can help. On April 23 we will dedicate our labyrinth. Get a head start with Walking the Labyrinth; a Spiritual and Practical Guide by Sally Welch (254 W). In addition to general background information on labyrinths and their construction, chapter 5 “Using a Labyrinth” has suggestions for both individual and group experiences, and there are several sample liturgies for Advent and Lent at the end of the volume.

Ways to Help Save the Earth; How You and Your Church can Make a Difference (261.8 B). Author Rebecca Barnes outlines fifty ways in which we can help fight global warming, making the connection between stewardship of the earth and living one’s faith. Each idea includes specific suggestions (sun-baked brownies anyone?) for us as both individuals and members of a faith community. (A related title, already in the library, is Green Faith; Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth, by Fletcher Harper [261.8 F].) Carol Jensen, Church Librarian