New in the Church Library – April 2013

Here are highlights of a few more new children’s books:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu teaches a message of peace and hope in God’s Dream.  A series of scenes show toddlers sharing and playing together, but also arguing, fighting, and making peace.  Portraits of multicultural youngsters reinforce the themes of love and inclusiveness, “making God’s dream come true.”  (Blue spine label)

Douglas Wood, author of Old Turtle, has written No One but You.  Beautifully illustrated, it is a moving reminder of each person’s unique experiences and memories – a perfect gift to share with a child.  (Green spine label)

The Secret of Saying Thanks is also by Douglas Wood.  It offers a spiritual homage to nature, home, and family.  The stunning illustrations demonstrate ways in which to say thanks for the wonders we sometimes take for granted.  Inspirational for adults as well as children!  (Green spine label)

Carol Jensen, Church Librarian