Church Library – January 2011

If you attended or heard about Peter Rollins appearance at the church in October, you may want to follow up by reading some of his books. The Orthodox Heretic (230 R) is in the library’s col-lection, and How (Not) to Speak of God (230 R) has just been added. In the first half of this book Rollins summarizes some of the theological ideas that the “emerging church” is currently exploring: the importance of doubt and silence, the limits of apologetics, and the idea that God is concealed even as God is revealed. He argues that Christians should both affirm their views of God and recognize that those views are inadequate. The second half is a set of liturgies that Rollins’ religious community, an Irish group called Ikon, has employed.
Too often religion seems to fuel more hatred than love, more conflict than collaboration. Get-ting to the Heart of Interfaith; the eye-opening, hope-filled friendship of a pastor, a rabbi & a sheikh, by Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon, and Sheikh Jamal Rahman (201 M), is a deeply personal journey to interfaith collaboration that offers hope for an inclusive and healing way of being together in the world. The authors explore the stages of the interfaith journey, the promises and problems of our traditions, new dimensions of spiritual identity, and much more. There are additional readings and discussion questions, so this could be used for a group study or discussion.