New Children’s Books to Explore

Come explore the new books in the childrens collection!  Here are a few highlights.

More, by I. C. Springman:  a delightful book about our attachment to material things.  The “less is more” theme is beautifully illustrated with magpies in a nest, and the brief text reinforces the message.

God’s Paintbrush, by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso:  a series of beautifully illustrated vignettes, designed to help preschoolers and their parents explore spirituality together by encountering God through everyday experiences.

Tear Soup, by P. Schwiebert and C. DeKlyen:  Grandy, an elderly women who has just experienced an unspecified loss, creates a big pot of “tear soup” containing all of her memories and feelings.  Suitable for both children and adults, it deals with grief process in a sensitive and understandable way.

If I had a Nickel, by Molly Schaar Idle:  an illustration of “For this is the message you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.” (1 John 3:11)  It uses coins as a metaphor to allow children to see that spirituality and faith, not cash, are the secret to real wealth and happiness.

Carol Jensen, Church Librarian