Christmas Joy Offering: Living Together as a Community, Creating Positive Change in the World

Officially, the Presbyterian Pan American School (PPAS) is a Christian international college-preparatory boarding school located in Kingsville, Texas, but to Adelite Hategeka it is a second home filled with family from around the world.

“My favorite thing about the school is the people you meet,” she says. “We rely on each other and learn how to live together as a community. The teachers are also great because they are patient. I did not really know English when I first went there, but with their help, I slowly learned.”

Adelite just completed her senior year at Pan Am, as it’s affectionately called. She was born in Kigali, Rwanda, and moved with her family to Niger when she was just seven years old after her father got a new job. In her four years at Pan Am, she’s taken on some important roles—as Campus Ministry president and as leader of the Random Acts of Kindness Program.

As the Campus Ministry president, I prepare the programs of our Tuesday and Thursday gatherings as well as the Sunday worships,” she explains. I also organize meetings with the Campus Ministry council where we discuss any issues that can be resolved and come up with fundraising ideas and new ways to help the community.”

Campus Ministry started the Random Acts of Kindness program, which consisted of writing nice notes to other students as well as faculty and staff—making sure everyone got them.

I know from personal experience that words are powerful,” says Adelite. Receiving a simple note can change your day. It shows you that there is someone else who cares for you. It was the perfect opportunity to use words for a good cause rather than harm.”

According to Pan Am’s website, “graduates go on to lives and professions that bring positive changes to the world by upholding the Christian ideals of love, service and community.” That is exactly what Adelite hopes to do, thanks to the scholarship she received, supported by Christmas Joy Offering gifts.

Through the Christmas Joy Offering, we connect with the young people attending Stillman College, Presbyterian Pan American School, and the Menaul School, supporting education and leadership development for students of color, who will soon be leaders in our church and in the world.  We also support church workers and their families who experience critical financial needs through help from the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions.

You can give to the Christmas Joy offering using the special envelope, marking your check or gift “Christmas Joy,” or online.

Please give generously, for when we all do a little—together—it adds up to a lot.

Let us pray ~

Lead us in the path of your transformation, O God.  By the gifts you give and the gifts we share, point us to your perfect gift in Jesus Christ. Amen.