Yorktown Presbyterian Preschool

A Typical Day at YPP

  • Craft time and free play
  • Meeting time / Circle time
  • Story time
  • Outdoor play
  • Group activities (art projects, visitors, etc.)
  • “Mystery Bag” (Show and Tell for pre-schoolers)
  • Snack time
  • Cultural Enrichment includes field trips such as Wilkens Fruit and Fir farm for apple and pumpkin picking, the library, Hilltop Hanover Farm, the dentist, the pizza shop, and the Fire Department, or guests such as a policeman or “The Nature of Things” with special animal guests.

Parental Involvement at YPP

We believe that learning is a shared process, and emphasize the importance of parent involvement in their children’s preschool experience.  The Yorktown Presbyterian Preschool offers an unique opportunity for parents to support the learning process and learn more about their child by becoming involved in the school program. Parents (or other caregivers) act as teaching assistants on a rotating basis. Parents are encouraged to share their special talents and abilities with the class. Parents also take part in fundraising activities.

We understand that working parents may not be able to participate in YPP to the same level of involvement. Alternate provisions can be made for such parents.

Our Staff

Our teachers have bachelor’s degrees or beyond, are experienced in early childhood education, and participate in on-going annual training. But more than that, our teachers are selected for their warm, supportive and encouraging personalities that are the foundation for individual relationships with children and enable them to be attuned to each child’s needs.

Our director and head teacher is Betsy Alberty. She teaches the 4-year old class. Our 3-year old class teacher is Dawn Ianiri.

Betsy Alberty

Dawn Ianiri