20161031_131257A big thank you is due to everyone who has been helping us put God’s commandment to love our neighbors into practice so far this fall! We’ve made many gallons of soup and organized hundreds of individual toiletries! All of these will go to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness in NYC during our congregation’s turn at a MidnightRun in November.20161031_131350

Youth Group will be meeting on Sunday, November 13 (Middle School at 4:30; High School at 6 pm), when we will be taking a closer look at who are our neighbors are both near and far from us. Our High School group is going to be planning some random acts of kindness, while our Middle School group is going to work on a creative (dare I say, dramatic?) project.

Then on Sunday evening, November 20, we have our awesome yearly opportunity to come together with both Youth Groups, the Confirmation Class, and our greater Yorktown community at the annual Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service! This year’s service will be at the Hudson Valley Islamic Cultural Center. We will gather in the FPCY parking lot and carpool, so adult drivers are needed. Speak to Steph if you are an adult who can be a driver.

Stay tuned for some interesting musical opportunities as we get closer to Christmas!

Any and all Youth are invited to all of our activities. Come find us in Room 4! Questions? Call, text, email Steph Hare: youth@fpcyorktown.org914-826-1227.