Youth group February 2015 POST copy

Middle School

February 8 & 22  4:30-6:00 pm
Lent is a time when Christians customarily take a more reflective look at our relationship with God and with one another. Often, people “give up” what is getting in their way. Other times, people will take on a “discipline” to give a structure to the process. In February, we will explore ways we might deepen our faith during this holy season of Lent. All Middle School students and their friends are welcome to join us.

Connie Knapp will come to the Middle School meeting at 4;30 and we will talk about “going inward” and “reaching outward” as lenten disciples. We will walk the labyrinth from 5-5:30 as an example of “reaching inward” an then help bag toiletries for the Midnight Run as an example of “reaching outward”.

High School

February 22  6:30-7 pm
We will continue our conversations and preparation for our summer mission trip.

The High School Group will walk the Labyrinth as part of a discussion about Lenten disciples

All High School students and their friends are welcome to join us.

Margery Rossi can be reached for further information about the youth group at youth@fpcyorktown.org

Youth Website – www.FPCYyouth.weebly.com