Brooke writes:

I am so thankful even in the craziest moments that God has opened this door, to be here in Albuquerque this year! After only a week of being at my work placement site, I know that I am going to be stretched a lot this year! I have already had the opportunity to meet quite a few people with totally different stories/backgrounds. There is one thing though that my site coordinator said to me that I remember every time I meet a new person. They are a beloved child of God!! My goal this year is to love everyone that I meet the way God calls me to love them.  

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On Sunday, August 26, 2018, we commissioned Rachel Carpenter, Brooke Cobb, and Erin Tolar, who dedicate a year of their lives to learn what God is doing through them and in them. We hope to follow their journey through their online blogs.

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