What’s New?

You have probably noticed that our website is brand-new. Here are a few pointers to some of the new features, and how to navigate the new website.

Connections Blog

Connections Blog

Blog postings have been consolidated into a single page called “Connections.” You can get there by clicking on “Connections Blog” on the right side of the home page, or from any other page by clicking on the Connections “button.” Blog postings will cover the wide variety of news from our church, from events to sermons to updates from the Commissions to personal testimony.

TagCloudIndividual blog entries are tagged and all entries with a particular tag (for example, Chip’s Message) can be found by clicking on the appropriate category in the “tag cloud” that you will find on the right side of the pages.




Check out the threads of our vision, found in the menu at the top. “Connect With God” talks about our worship, our sermons, and our music. “Connect with Each Other” tells the story of our education, our fellowship, and our caring for one another. You can also find the current issue of The Disciple here (labeled “our monthly newsletter”).  “Connect with the World” lists the many ways we reach out beyond our church family to the community and beyond. Finally “Connect with Us” has contact information, directions, and new visitor information.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, try the search box at the bottom left of any page. The “Home” page (always accessible by “Home” in the menu) has easy links to sermons, new visitor information, and your personal log-in site (My FPCY).