Diaper Ministry POST (1)

Great News! The Mohegan Lake Walmart (Store Manager Mike Weldon) has selected our Diaper Ministry to receive a $750.00 grant.

The Deacon Diaper Ministry is an initiative to help the youngest in our community. Diapers are expensive!  Parents struggling financially are often choosing to change diapers less often so that they can purchase food and other necessities. This leads to discomfort and other health issues for their babies.

While we can’t offer an unlimited diaper supply to all, we try to help lighten the burden.  At one Food Pantry per month we provide a 5-day supply of diapers for Food Pantry clients who request it. This Walmart grant will provide for 3 months of distributions!

You too can contribute to this ministry, either through gifts online or by check (memo: Diaper Ministry) or by dropping off boxes or bags of diapers in the office (especially larger sizes: 4, 5, 6). Consider becoming a “sustaining supporter” through a recurring donation.