The Session

The Session is the governing body of our Church. It consists of “ruling elders” elected by the members of the Church.  One class of about six members is elected each year, serving for three years in a rotating membership arrangement.  In addition, two Youth Elders are elected each year for one year terms.

The Session – January, 2020

Youth Elders, September 2020 – August 2021

Benjamin Low, Kate MacDonald


Class of 2020

John Bentley, Nancy Caswell, Jeff Kephart, Liza Placido, Matt Sheridan, Nance Thompson

Class of 2021

Jane Amato, Beth Gruber, Matt Hager, Bill Herman,  Emily Monk, Linda Swift

Class of 2022

Nicole DeCintio, Abby Cross, Lynn Edling, Ian Spence,  Eric Kreuter, Bill Winsted

Clerk of Session: Gordon Braudaway; Moderators: Reverend Chip Low, Reverend Tami Seidel

(Members of our church community can find contact information for members of session by logging into MyFPCY).

The chairs of the various commissions of our church may be found here.