The Knit Togethers knit over 200 items a year. They began in 2003, and since 2006 they have operated as part of the Mission Commission.

In 2017 they gave 170 lap blankets and sweaters to Somers Manor Nursing Center, the Field Home, and the Dominican Sisters Family Nursing Services. 

This year the Knit Togethers contributed 70 items to the Hat and Mitten tree which are distributed to the Food Pantry clients. The Hat and Mitten Tree was started by the Knit Togethers in 2007 and is now run by the Deacons.

The group also receives about 50 items a year from a non-member who used to live in the area but moved upstate and still ships her items to the church for distribution.

Mission Statement – “Knit and give to others in need in the community. This is our Faith in action.”

Doreen Radke writes “It is an amazing thing that, whenever we run low on yarn, donations will show up unannounced. We are so very grateful for all of the people that help us during the year by donating yarn.”

Current Members:

Nancy Betz

Barbara Dronzak

Terri Froelich

Diane Hawlk

Barbara Humphrey

Priscilla Lucas

Carol Myers

Sue Nelson

Lois Ostling, co-chair

Nancy Paskin

Pat Prauda

Norean Radke, co-chair

Mable Seymour

Fran Schiel

Maxine Travis