The Sunday School program is in full swing — and in full “sing”! “Moses and the Burning Bush” was the unit for most of October, and the children have been quick to learn both the story and the cheerful song accompanying the lesson, which features a big word: POTENTIALITY. Ask your child to teach you the song that starts with “I am a promise!” The eagerness to have a turn passing the offering plate, the earnest sharing of joys and concerns, and the excitement around which rotation (art, Bible skills/games, science, and cooking) each grade is headed to… these are just some of the joys we observe every Sunday morning at Gathering Time with the children.

The Connect (5th/6th grade) class has been having fun since the start of the school year learning about Jesus, from his miraculous birth to his childhood. Jesus’ wisdom was even evident at a tender age of 12, which is right around the age of some of our children in the class. How great and relatable is that?!

The Re:Form 7th and 8th graders are learning about our ancestors from the Old Testament: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Joseph, Jacob, and Moses so far!

SAVE THE DATE!! On Sunday, November 26, please join us in Fellowship Hall for the annual Christmas Tree decorating! All grades are invited, and feel free to bring a friend.

Jessica Mayes, Abby & Andy Cross